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Hi! I’m Nicole, author and transpersonal life coach passionately dedicated to helping you create the life and relationships you most desire.

When working with me, not only will you begin to immediately create and enjoy the life you crave, you’ll build muscles for a lifetime of committed action so that life just keeps getting better and better for you and everyone around you.

Together, we’ll banish stuckness and stagnation, cross the exciting threshold from the known to the unknown, and step into a world of wild possibility limited only by your imagination.

Although I coach people from all walks of life, I specialize in supporting people who’ve had a life-changing awakening or transcendent experience (e.g. near death, mystical, paranormal, kundalini, visionary, dark night, psychedelic, etc.). As a fellow experiencer and expert in non-ordinary transcendent experiences I understand that integration is complex, takes time and affects all aspects of life. I especially love helping fellow experiencers to celebrate, nurture, and share the fruits of your experiences.

I’m here to walk you though EXACTLY what it takes to create the life you’ve always wanted.

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